EVA1 Grip Improvement

Grip Design Change

Thank you very much for your purchase of Compact Cinema Camera AU-EVA1.

Addressing customer concerns, Panasonic has redesigned the rotation mechanism in the removable grip of the new AU-EVA1 Compact Cinema Camera. Some clients wish to add numerous accessories to the camera, stressing the rotation latch on the grip and causing it to spin on its own.


Panasonic will replace all grips of the previous design with new units.

Grip Strength Specifications

The torque-stress limit of grip has been raised from its original design while being tested with approximately 4kg/9lbs of accessories and with a lens mounted to the AU-EVA1.


Please note that the AU-EVA1 grip is designed for normal operating conditions. When adding a large number of camera accessories it is advised to support the camera on the shoulder or with an additional grip. While greater weights may be supported, precise measures vary as positioning items further from the center axis of the camera as well as fast movements can increase torque forces.

Additional Note

The AU-EVA1 grip features a one-touch rotating design for quick repositioning while shooting.

This design allows for some “play” in the grip positioning, approximately 1.5 degrees of rotation. This movement is normal and does not affect the strength of the grip or its ability to support the AU-EVA1 and accessories.

Replacement of AU-EVA1 Grip

United States based AU-EVA1 owners can contact Panasonic support at (855) 772-8324 and select Option 2 to be provided with details on the exchange process.  Panasonic will issue an RMA, based on customer information, model (AU-EVA1PJ) and camera serial number.  Panasonic will ship a replacement handgrip via FedEx and include a return FedEx shipping label for the original handgrip. 

Serial numbers of AU-EVA1 cameras that require the replacement are as follows:

Procedure for removing the grip:

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.